Job categories and a brief description of paid positions at our shelter, and at many other similar shelters.


(While we appreciate receiving job applications for any category below and we will always review on-hand applications before advertising, it should be noted that some of these positions are held by personnel that have been with us for many years and the position likely will not open in the foreseeable future. ***Indicates those that may currently be open.)


Administrator: Position not currently open


Works closely with the board of directors to oversee operation of the organization. Seeks grants, deals with human resources issues, prepares various newsletters, interacts/corresponds with the community and other agencies, develops and oversees programs and special events. Does research on various issues and contracts. Should be capable of some animal handling.


Office Manager: Position not currently open


Assists the administrator, pays bills, keeps the accounting, payroll and tax records. Answers the phone and directs calls as appropriate. Does computer input for tracking animals.


Shelter Manager: Position not currently open


Works closely with the board of directors to run the animal shelter. Trains and supervises and schedules animal handlers and shelter workers. Coordinates pickup and rescue of animals. Tracks the arrival and disposition of all animals. Insures that all shelter animals are vetted, fed, watered and cleaned. Must be an expert animal handler and a euthanasia technician.


Assistant Shelter Manager:  Position not currently open


Helps the Shelter manager with all of the above. Does computer input to track animals.


Shelter worker:***


Cleans, feeds, waters all types of animals. Does immunizations, treatments for parasites and makes runs to pick up animals. Must be an animal handler. May be cross trained in variety of additional areas including wildlife rehabilitation, euthanasia technician, adoption counselor, animal rescue/pickup, equine handling, groomer, and animal behavior assessment. May also be assigned during off-times to mow lawns, sweep and clean facilities etc., as needed and determined by supervisor.




Does spay/neuter procedures on dogs and cats – occasional others. Examines sick and injured stray/shelter animals, wildlife, and equines. Advises Shelter Manager on immunization protocols and parasite control. Supervises Veterinary Technicians.


Veterinary Technician:***


Assists the veterinary staff with procedures, prepares animals for surgery, collects specimens and does laboratory analysis, monitors post operative care of animals, schedules appointments and surgery, maintains records of animals and drugs, cleans and disinfects cages and kennels, wraps OR packs and operates sterilizers, receives and sends home patients with appropriate pre and post operative instructions. (Must be registered with the state of Ohio)


Maintenance worker: Position not currently open


Keeps shelter, warehouse, bingo hall and farm facilities all in good repair. Needs rudimentary knowledge of hand tools, power tools, automotive repair, electrical repair, heating and air conditioning and basic building trades. Performs or arranges routine preventive maintenance on vehicles and all other equipment and facilities. Picks up large quantity local orders – feed etc. Arranges delivery and purchase of hay, straw and other supplies as needed


Live-In Stable Worker/Trainer:  (Open only for non live-in local trainer)


Handles horses and other equines, feeds, waters, cleans stalls and grooms horses. Helps with rehabilitation. Works with horses on basic ground manners and skills up to the level of their abilities. Prefer someone versed in general natural horsemanship techniques but will train. Assists the maintenance personnel with grounds/pasture upkeep. On-site lodging provided, plus hourly pay/salary, and vacation.