Photograph of the shelter




All services continue as usual for the HOPE Low/Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic and the Wyandot County Equine Rescue.  Call 419-294-4477 for an appointment.


However, it is with heavy hearts that, as of August 10, 2022, due to such a high volume of animals coming to the Wyandot County Humane Society shelter at a time when we are severely understaffed, we will temporarily not be accepting dogs and cats from outside our county. (We will still accept animals from anywhere that are suffering and need to be euthanized.) If you are coming from another county that has a humane society, we suggest you contact them and insist they do what they were intended to do – take in unwanted pets from their own county.  If every county did their part, we would not be so overwhelmed.  Approximately 85% of the animals coming to us are from outside our county, and we took in over 11,000 last year alone.  We have been taking in pets from all over the state and beyond for 35 years, and until now have never turned anyone away from anywhere – for the sake of the animals and the people who care enough about them to drive sometimes hours away to bring them to us.  But increasingly, other county shelters are simply using us to take the animals they don’t want – that are not perfect enough to be assured of an adoption, or are too aggressive, old, sick, injured or in need of quarantine – even if the animal bit in their county.  We are full to overflowing, and we are simply collapsing under the crushing burden of so many animals and almost no one to take care of them.


We need your help to pressure your county shelter to take what comes to them from their own community – to help the people and animals who need them.  And, if they refuse, contact the president of their board of directors, the County Commissioners and local news media.  All shelters are full.  It’s their choice whether to help you or not.  We hope to soon have enough trained staff to be able to resume taking animals from anywhere again; but at least for now, it’s time for other shelters – your shelter -- to stop making people like you, from their own counties, drive halfway across the state to find a full-access shelter like ours to surrender their pets they can no longer keep.




The Wyandot County Humane Society (WCHS) is the only shelter of its kind in the Northwest/North central Ohio region.  Please call ahead to surrender large animals or more than three at a time.Please call when you arrive in the parking lot and a staff member will do the intake paperwork over the phone with you.  Someone will then come to your car to assist you.  There is never any charge for surrendering an animal, although donations are always very much needed and appreciated.   Adoptions are also by appointment, and you can view most of our adoptable animals on  For details see our Adoption page.