Photograph of the shelter


The Wyandot County Humane Society (WCHS) is the only shelter of its kind in the Northwest/North central Ohio region.  Hours for surrenders—9 am till 8 pm, seven days a week and after 8 pm for emergencies only please. Please call ahead to surrender animals. Please call when you arrive in the parking lot and a staff member will do the intake paperwork over the phone with you.  Someone will then come to your car to assist you.  We never turn any animal away, regardless of the kind of animal (domestic animals, wildlife, livestock, exotics), what county it is from, or the reason it has to be surrendered. In addition, there is never any charge for surrendering an animal, although donations are always very much needed and appreciated.   Adoptions are also by appointment, and you can view most of our adoptable animals on  For details see our Adoption page.




 Help Wanted


 Since the COVID shutdown we have struggled to have enough shelter workers to maintain services. We have had to decrease some services since that time. We need shelter workers part-time and full-time. The shelter is staffed two shifts, 7 days a week. At this point if we can't find additional workers we will have to consider reduction of services.