Horsemanship Clinic


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May 28th 2022


Hannah Campbell Zapletal,
A Monty Roberts™ certified instructor


We are excited to welcome our longtime friend and adviser Hannah Campbell Zaplatal back to our farm. Having started as a child, Hannah has years of experienced working with and training all types of horses. She is a great trainer of horses and their owners. She uses common sense solutions to most problems, be it horse or rider issues


The day will start at 9 am and we’ll get started learning how to solve particular training problems. We will then break for an hour around noon for lunch and then be back at it to get as much information out to everyone as we can in the time we have.  We will finish up around 4-5pm. The specific subjects will depend on the horses available for training, both rescue horses and privately-owned horses.

Lunch will be provided

To observe------------$40.00

To Participate-----------$60.00

Participating is working in the ring with Hannah, and either your horse or a rescue horse.




Bring a lawn chair and a friend and enjoy day of education and demonstrations! We also have an indoor arena, so we will proceed rain or shine!


All proceeds go directly to the care of the 45-50  equines currently at the Wyandot County Equine Rescue, 4658 St Rt 199  South, Carey, OH, where the Clinic will be held.


Please call 419-294-4477 and ask for Ann Pfeiffer for more information or to register.


Dont miss this opportunity!